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W0057166 — SWITCH INF HEAT MP 101 EA

Suits Models

PAJ521W*00, PAJ501R*00, EHC643U, EHC643U*25, EHC633W, EHC633S, PHH394U*10, CFE547SA, EBC5010W, CFE547SA, CFE547SA, EUC5130W*20, EUC5130W*19, EUC5130W*18, EUC5130W*04, EUC5130W, EBC5010W*18, EBC5010W*04, 62F851W*27, EHC643W*25, EHC643W, EHC640W*10, EHC633W*25, EHC944U, EHC953S, EHC953W, 75C804S*00, 75C804W*00, 75C805S, 75C805W, 75C974W, 75C975S, 75C975W*00, 75C984S*00, 75C984W*00, 75C986S, 85E726W*02, 85E726W*01, 85E726W, 85E726S*02, 85E726S, EUC5140W, EUC5330W, EUC5330W*04, EUC5330W*18, EUC5330W*19, EUC5330W*20, EUC5340W, EUC5340W*04, EUC5350W*04, EUC5340W*19, EUC5340W*20, EUC5370W, EUC5350W, EUC5390W, EBC5010W*19, EBC5040W, EBC5040W*04, EBC5040W*19, EBC5010W*20, EBC5040W*20, EBC5030W*20, EUC5110W, EUC5110W*04, EUC5110W*18, EUC5110W*19, EUC5110W*20, CFE535WA, CFE532WA, WLE547WA, WLE547WA, WLE547WA, WLE547WA, WLE547WA, WLE547WA, WLE547WA, EXC617S, EXC617W, EXC627S, EXC627W, EXC617S, EXC627S, EXC627W, EXC627S, EXC627W, EXC617W, EHC940U, EHC940U*10, EHC640S, EHC640S*10, EHC640W, EHC940S, EHC940S*10, EHC940W, EHC940W*10, EHCS640S, EHCS640S*10, EHCS640W, PAJ144W*00, PAK557W*59, PAK557W*56, PAK557W*55, PAK143W*59, PAK143W*61, PGP659S, PAK558W*40, PAK558W*37, PAK558W*35, PAK558W*00, EBC5231W*32, EBC5231W*05, EBC5231W*04, EBC5231W*00, PAK501RS*35, PAK806W*46, PAK806W*60, PAK501RS*53, PAK501RS*32, PAK501RS*05, PAK501RS*52, PAK501RS*03, PAK501RS*00, PAK806W, PAK806W*39, PAK806W*01, PAK806W*32, PAK806W*37, PAK806W*40, PAK557W*52, PAK557W*00, PAK143W*32, PAK143W*52, PAK143W*53, PAK143W*35, PAK143W, PAK557W*00, PAK501RS*59, PAJ521W*27, PAJ521W*19, PAJ521W*17, PAJ521W*16, PAJ521W*15, PAJ521W*13, PAJ521W*10, PAJ521W*03, PAJ521W*02, PAJ521W*01, PGP659S*02, PAK507RC*52, PAK507RC*55, PAK507RC*56, PAK507RC*59, EBC5271W*00, EBC5271W*05, EBC5271W*32, EBC5271W*35, EBC5271W*36, EBC5271W*53, EBC5271W*59, EBC5271W*61, PAK501R*00, PAK501R*03, PAK501R*32, PAK501R*35, PAK501R*52, PAK501R*53, PAK501R*59, PHH284U*00, PHH284U*05, PXP688W*00, PXP688W*02, PAJ509RC*19, PAJ509RC*17, PAJ509RC*16, PAJ509RC*15, PAJ509RC*13, PAJ509RC*00, PSN632S*40, PSN632S*37, PSN632S*00, PHL284U*25, PHL284U*00, EXC624W*47, EXC624W*42, EXC624W*40, EXC624W*38, EXC624W*32, EXC624W*00, EOC644S*43, EOC644S*42, EOC644S*40, EOC644S*04, EOC644S*00, PXP688S*02, PXP688S*00, EUC5350W*20, EUC5350W*19, EUC5350W*07, EUC5350W*06, EUC5350W*05, PAK144W*61, PAK144W*59, PAK144W*53, PAK144W*52, PAK144W*35, PAK144W*00, PAK144W*32, PAK144W*05, PGN659S*40, PGN659S, PAJ143W*27, PAJ143W*19, PAJ143W*18, PAJ143W*13, PAJ143W*10, PAJ143W*01, PAJ143W*00, EXC614W*47, EXC614W*46, EXC614W*42, EXC614W*38, EXC614W*32, EXC614W, ESE6633S, GXR650SNG, GXR650SNG, PHP222U, EGC627W, EGC627S, EGC627S, EGC627W, EGC627S, EGC627W, EGC627W, EGC627S, EGC627S, EGC627S, CFE535WB, CFE535WB, CFE535WB


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This Electrolux genuine switch is a single simmerstat control to suit 1 element control. It has a standard 6mm D Shaft and is rated at 15A. Suits a wide variety of Electrolux Brand stoves and cooktops, including Westinghouse, Simpson, Chef and more. Even some Fisher & Paykel stoves.