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Suits Models:

CS-451, CS-452, CS453, CS-52, 1257074, 55866-05, 55866-06, 5586605, 5586606, 56932, 640565, 70020002518, AP3961137, B20CS5, B20CS8, CS-450, CS-451, CS-452, CS-51, CS450, CS451, CS452, CS51, CS52, EVOLFLTR10, W1085590, WHCF-R-PLUS, WHCFRPLUS WHKF-R-PLUS, WHKFRPLUS


Installation Procedure:

1. Close shut off valves before and after filter head. Depressurize filter.

2. Grasp head and cartridge securely, and turn used cartridge slowly to the left. If water line has not been properly depressurized, a small discharge of water may occur. Gently pull cartridge straight out and discard.

3. Align tabs of new cartridge with head and insert new cartridge into head. Turn cartridge to the right until the filter stops.

4. Place the inlet shutoff valves in regular working position. Due to air and carbon fines water may initially run cloudy but will clear. Flush system in accordance with Performance Data sheet.


***Please Note***

 It is recommend that your filter gets changed every 6 months.

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