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W0154309 — K2R OVEN CLEANER (400G)

Suits Models

EDC691S, EDC691S*03, EDC691W, EDC691W*03, EDC693S, EDC693W, EDCD691S, EDCD691S*03, EDCD691W, EDCD691W*03, EDCD697S, EDCD697S*30, EGC631S, EGC631W, EGC633S, EGC633W, EOC641K, EOC641S, EOC671SA, EOC671S, EOC671BS, EOC643WCC, EOC643W, EOC643SCC, EOC643S, EOC641W, EOC691W*03, EOC691W, EOC691S*03, EOC691S, EOC691K*03, EOC691K, EOC673W, EOC673S, EOC671W, EOC671TR, EOC671TN, EOS611W, EOS611S, EOCR633W, EOCR633S, EOCL633W, EOCL633S, EOC697W*30, EOC697W, EOC697S*30, EOC693S, EXC641S, EXC641K, EXC611W, EXC611S, EPSZ631W, EPSZ631S, EPSZ611W, EPSZ611S, EPSC631W, EPSC631S, EPCC681W*03, EPCC681W, EPCC681S*03, EPCC681S, EOSR631W, EOSL631W, EOS671W, EOS671S, EOS631W, EOS631S, EOS631K, EXC693W, EXC693S, EXC691W*03, EXC691W, EXC691S*03, EXC691S, EXC641W, EXC643S, EXC643W, 63C808W*07, 63C844S*00, 63C808W*13, 63C906S*07, 63C906S*04, 63C906S*00, 63C904W*00, 63C904S*07, 63C904S*00, 63C808W*04, 63C808W*00, 63C808S*00, 63C807W*13, 63C807W*04, 63C807W*00, 63C807S*13, 63C807S*00, 63C906W*00, 63C911S*00, 63C844W*00, 63C807W*07, 63C906S*11, 63C906S*13, CFE547SA, 62F851W*27, 63G808W, 75C804S*00, 85E726S, 88E736W, 88E736W*02, 88E738S, 88E738S*02, EDC691S, EDC691W, CFE5365A, CFE547SA, CFE547SA, EBC5010W, EBC5010W*04, EBC5010W*18, EBC5010W*19, EBC5010W*20, EBC5030W*20, EBC5040W, EBC5040W*04, EBC5040W*19, EBC5040W*20, EUC5110W, EUC5110W*04, EUC5110W*18, EUC5110W*19, EUC5110W*20, EUC5130W, EUC5130W*04, EUC5130W*18, EUC5130W*19, EUC5130W*20, EUC5330W*20, EUC5330W*19, EUC5330W*18, EUC5330W*04, EUC5330W, EUC5140W, EUC5340W*20, EUC5340W*19, EUC5340W*04, EUC5340W, EUC5390W, EUC5370W, EUC5350W*04, EUC5350W, EGC653W, EGC653S, EGC652W, EGC651W*03, EGC651W, EGC651S*03, EGC651S, EOC633S, EOC627W, EOC627S, EOC624W*40, EOC624W, EOC641S


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Australia’s first non-caustic oven cleaner which needs no heat and really works due to its special cleaning foam. Cleans ovens, racks, shelves, grillers; also barbeques, hot plates, glass, ceramics and cookware. You don’t need to heat the oven...there is no smell...and it doesn’t contain irritating additives, so it’s gentle and skin